Passion's Peak

R 1h 40m 2002


Christina inherits a rural property that she intends to open a mountain lodge. Plot thickens when James arrives with his new stripper friend. How far will James go to sabotage the lodge?

Christina has come to the mountains to start a new life and to try her hand at running a bed and breakfast. Her childhood crush, Brad, still lives in the mountain town and has come to the inn to help her. They barely put the finishing touches on the lodge when her first guests arrive. Sophia Lang is a romance novelist with a penchant for passion; Eric and Linda have come to rekindle their romance; and another couple has scrapped camping for the creature comforts of the inn. Soon the entire inn is pulsing with passion. But Christina's final guests are an unwelcome surprise: her ex-boyfriend Mark and his stripper girlfriend - and he'll do anything to win Christina back. After learning that she wants nothing to do with the sordid life they once shared, Mark is bent on destroying Christina, her new venture, and any future she may have with Brad.

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